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HITACHI STD-400 HIFI Original Vintage 1970’s Record Deck,tape,turner All Works

HITACHI STD-400 HIFI Original Vintage 1970’s Very rare Record Deck,tape,turner tested All Works fine Condition is Used.Dad bought this in the 70’s new £1100 then .now he has passed away it’s for sale a good service will make this a ultra rare collectible who wants it the most!!!! don’t miss out there is another listing stating the true value??? Over£1000,And all the technical stuff Collection best to nice to post .I will Dispatch by courier at your own risk £25 large and heavy possibly 2 parcelsPackagingItem will be packed inside the carton box or other cushioned pack. Occasionally another packaging materials may be used. For cushioning will be used bubble wrap or paper or polystyrene or combination of both to provide best possible protection .cash please if picking up thanks


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