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HITACHI HMA7500 /HCA7500 MKII . Condition is Used.
Here is my beloved set of Hitachi HCA7500 MKII Control amp and
HMA 7500 MKII POWER amp.
Sat by the side of my Sansui G6000 for years as my main amp. Well known for its quality of sound, gives away 75W into 8 ohms and 100w per channel into 4 ohms. Rare piece of quality amplifier mosfet powered, dual mono, bridgeable, with beautiful VU meters, recently serviced in renowned vintage audio service workshop. Replaced fusible resistors just in case.
The preamp has phono mm /mc stage built in, so no need for separate phono preamp. The set is over 30 years old so there are signs of age here and there, but nothing major, the colour is light metalic brown.


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